Forms: Labour Relations

Trade unions and employers can apply to the Ministry of Labour for neutral third-party assistance through conciliation and arbitration.

Request for Appointment of Conciliation Officer

A trade union or employer can apply to the Ministry of Labour for assistance in reaching a collective agreement. Conciliation is the process that the parties must complete to be in a legal strike or lockout position, as outlined in the Labour Relations Act, 1995.

Format: PDF

Form number: 016-0161

Request for an Arbitrator

Request for Appointment of Single Arbitrator under Section 49 – A party to a collective agreement can request the appointment of a single arbitrator through an expedited process, as outlined in Section 49 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995.

Format: PDF

Form number: 016-1350

Application for Approval as an Arbitrator

Individuals who wish to apply to have their name added to the Minister of Labour’s list of approved grievance arbitrators must apply.

Format: PDF

Form number: 016-0955

Other Forms

For a copy of any of the following forms referenced in the General Regulation (O Reg. 94/07) under the Labour Relations Act, 1995, please email

  • Form 6: Decision of Arbitrator or Arbitration Board under Section 48 of Act
  • Form 7: Declaration by Employer Bargaining Agency or Employers’ Organization
  • Form 8: Declaration by Employee Bargaining Agency or Affiliated Bargaining Agent
  • Form 9: Decision of Arbitration Board under Section 103 of Act

To access forms that are submitted to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB), visit the OLRB website.

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